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Electronic walking stick for the blind

This project is published by my classmate for his final year project.



There are so many blind persons that use a blink stick to help their dally walking or life. But the blind stick will be hit some person when the blind stick waggling. So there is need to develop new walking stick that the object can be detected the obstacle stealthy. So the bat are the very best object to learn at to stealthy detected the obstacle. From observe the bat, we have a conclusion that use an ultrasound theory of the bat perform by the microprocessor and the electronic component. This walking stick can be help the blind persons or the person hit by the old waggling blind stick.

2. Aims


This Electronic walking stick for the blind is use to help the blind person to detect obstacle and depressions in front of him. After detect an object in front of the blind person the Electronic walking stick will be sound a the tone of warning signal and warning signal will change gradually when the blind person get closer to the obstacle. Also if too close to the object it will generate a vibration signal with the vibrator.